Icon Limousines Inc. is Calgary's newest limousine company. The company was created to take the transportation industry to a new level. Our 'feature' custom luxury limousine is the only limousine of its kind in North America. It has all the prestige of a luxury limousine with some very modern upgrades and visual enhancements.

In addition to the most unique vehicle of its time, Icon Limousines offers customer service that is second to none. Our team of event coordinators understand the importance of making your day perfect. They will go the extra mile for every client, regardless if they have a one hour booking or have booked an entire weekend ski trip. Our customers get the full attention of our advisors and coordinators every time, all the time.

The most important part of your Icon Experience will be while you and your guests are travelling in the limousine. We have hand picked our drivers to ensure they will follow the same philosophy as the company. This means they will also be stylish, modern and willing to do whatever it takes to make your day perfect, and ensure you will want to have the Icon Experience again in the near future.

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